Budget 2014–15

The Abbott Government's first budget has been handed down and it's bad news for overseas aid.

  • Aid will be cut by $7.6 billion over 5 years (including the $4.5 billion of cuts already announced by the Prime Minister and Treasurer at the 2013 election).
  • The Government's promise to increase aid slowly in line with the Consumer Price Index has been pushed back beyond 2016.
  • The Government's has ditched its promise to increase aid towards 0.5% of Gross National Income.

Please join us in expressing disappointment, concern or outrage, and call on the Government to commit again to generous and effective aid program, focused on tackling poverty. 

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Take  Action

1. Email Joe Hockey & Your MP

Click here to email Joe Hockey about cuts to the aid program

2. Share our Social Media Graphics

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3. Amplify Your Voice Through Local Media

Click here to download a PDF guide to contacting your local media.

Local, regional and national newspapers, radio stations and TV will be discussing the budget for days to come. We need champions of change to ensure that overseas aid is part of that conversation. We simply can no longer allow politicians to think there is no political price to be paid for cuts to aid.

A simple letter to the editor or call to a radio station can spark a community conversation or help shift the debate. Will you lend your voice to this effort?

For links to local newspaper and radio station's contact details, click here.