Budget 2014

Budgets are 'moral documents' and we have an opportunity to ensure the May Budget is developed to benefit the world's poor.

Please join us in ensuring that Australia commits to a generous and effective aid program, focused on tackling poverty, by taking action in the lead up to the Abbott Government's first budget and beyond. 

Click here to read a blog and short video by our Political Engagement Coordinator, Ben Thurley, explaining the budget process and why your actions matter in the lead up.



Please join us by taking 3 simple & powerful actions:

1. Email Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Click here to email Julie Bishop.

The Foreign Minister has key responsibility for deciding what the priority for the overseas aid budget will be. By sending an email to her while the Government is still working out the details of its new overseas aid direction, you will be reminding her to ensure that we expect the effectiveness of Australia's aid program to be measured by its impact on the causes and consequences of poverty.

2. Email Your MP

Click here to email your Member of Parliament.

Local MPs need to hear from local people that overseas aid is a concern in their electorate. An email from you and others sends a strong signal to them to lobby for more and better aid within their party. It can help change the mind of a politician who doesn't support overseas aid, or strengthen the voice of a politician who is supportive.

* Please note that anyone in Tony Abbott's electorate of Warringah will not be able to contact him via the form above, but will need to contact him via his own website.

(If you want to have even more impact, why not get together with at least two other people to write hand-written letters to your MP? We know from experience that hand-written letters from people in the electorate have more impact on MPs than emails do. A sample letter template is available here.)

3. Engage Your Local Media

Click here to download a PDF guide to contacting your local media.

We need champions of change to advocate within their local community and seek to shift public attitudes about overseas aid. A simple letter to the editor or call to a radio station can spark a community conversation or help shift the debate. Will you lend your voice to this effort?

For links to local newspaper and radio station's contact details, click here.


Webinar Training

We are running a free webinar on May 19th for supporters who wish to be further equipped for campaigning on aid in 2014, and for those who wish to mobilise others. The webinar will highlight skills and resources for campaigning and influencing public opinion. There will also be time for questions about Australia's overseas aid program, Micah Challenge's 2014 campaigns, and advocacy strategies & tactics. 

This will take place on 19 May 8:00-9:30pm (AEST).

To register for this webinar, click here.  Questions? Email ben.thurley@micahchallenge.org.au.


Other Resources

  • For further background information on Australian aid and the federal budget process click here.
  • To raise awareness via your social networks, share the graphics below. (More infographics are available on our resources page here).
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